God insists: Sura 9 has 127 verses


The 19th initialed sura revealed is sura 43 and the 67th un-initialed sura is 47. Now remember that 19th prime number is 67. The number of verses in sura 43 and sura 47 are 89 and 38, respectively. Now, let us concatenate the sura number and the verse numbers in these two chapters, we will obtain two numbers, 4389 and 4738. If we add these two numbers, we get,


           4389 + 4738 = 9127.


Remember that sura 47 is called Muhammad, who was the recipient of the Quran.

Moreover, 19 x 67 = 1273 and 1273 is the frequency of the word God until 9:127. This is another formidable for proof that sura 9 has 127 verses.


Here is the English translation of verse 9:127,


1362. 670. 6231. 3488. 790. 317. 127.  And when a sura is revealed some look at others as though none of you can see, therefore, they were diverted. God1273 had diverted their hearts for indeed they are people who do not understand.